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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Morning in the BB House + Veto Comp Players

Well ladies & gents, the game has started! All the things that we love about BB..paranoia, distrust, suspicion, lies, is all in full bloom!! As I covered in the Overnighter, there's some major cracks in alliances right now! Today is the Veto Comp and I personally can't wait to see who wins it! :D

As a reminder, the live feeds have a free 3 day trial and trust me, with the drama heating up fast, you're gonna wanna have them ready for all the action! Takes 3 minutes to set'em up, so go ahead and give them a try!

Currently on the live feeds...

The HG's woke up around 8:30am BBT this morning.

9:10am BBT:
Steel & Wood Bedroom

Dani, again, is talking about Jeff/Jordan trusting Cassi lately and how they both don't trust Jordan now because of that. Adam walked in and their whisper convo stopped.

9:20am BBT:

As they're getting ready for the day, the girls do some whisper talking but it was hard to hear.

**The picking of Veto Comp players should be starting soon.

9:28am BBT:
BB: "Jordan, please go to the Diary Room."

9:29am BBT:
All feeds are on Adam alone in the lounge room.

9:31am BBT:

Non-game talk as the HG's continue to get ready for the day.

9:36am BBT:
Feeds on trivia..picking of the veto comp players is underway!

9:52am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Shelly and Cassi are talking about Rachel. They're bashing her. Shelly said that she craves attention but doesn't get it in the 'real world'. Talk turns to Dom.

Cassi: "I think I'm losing my buddy this week, Shel." (re: Dom)

Dom is tweaking out, he's scared about the Veto Comp.

Dani: "Listen, you have to win today. I wouldn't be trying to help you if I didn't want you to stay."

Playing in the Veto Comp are:


9:59am BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan said she thinks Adam will keep his word and throw today's Veto Comp.

Kalia joins.
Jordan has to poo & goes into HOH bathroom,
Kalia (to Rach): "You get to play..again!"

Kalia took one of Jordo's heating pads (she's on her period & uses them to help with cramps) and puts one on her banged up shoulder from yesterdays food comp.

Kalia said she wants win HOH next week because she wants a letter from home and pictures.

10:16am BBT:
Feeds 1 & 2 are on Adam/Lawon at the dining room table, talking non-game at the moment.
Feeds 3 & 4 are on Kalia talking about her dog to Rach & Jordo.

10:24am BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan is telling Brendon & Rachel that if Dom wins POV, then she's gonna put Shelly/Cassi up and that she gave her a heads-up on that, but that she (Shel) would be safe.

Jeff is in the HOH room now as well, taking a poo before the veto comp starts.

Brendon thinks Cassi will always play on peoples emotions and stab people in the back the first time she can and that's why Rachel doesn't like her.

Jordan: "Y'all just need to be nice to her (Cassi) until we know what's going on."

Jeff told Bren/Rach to be nice to Cassi because if she wins HOH, she's gonna put J/J up.

Brendon agreed and said that Cassi hates all the girls in the house but she doesn't show it & that she has a good social game.

Most HG's are laying down.

Rachel/Porsche are sleeping.
Adam is laying down on the living room couch.
Jordan & Jeff are about to take a nap in a few minutes.
Dom is laying down in the Have Not's room.
Dani and Brendon are walking around.
Kalia is talking to Jordo in the HOH room real quick as she grabbed a fruit rollup from her HOH basket.

Dani & Rachel are whispering so low that I can't make out a single word.

Kaliah is in the HOH room still, talking to Jordan.
Current topic is how good Rach/Bren are and how they won every comp so far.

BB: "Jordan, please go to the Diary Room."

Jordan leaves. Jeff comes up to take his nap. Kalia stays (with Jeff's approval) to listen to Jordan's Tim McGraw CD.

All 4 feeds are on...

Adam & Shelly are talking in the lounge room. The convo keeps switching from game talk to non-game talk.

They're wondering on how the 4th Golden Key will work. Adam said that if the 4th key does in fact make that person safe that week, then whoever gets the keys does make it to jury because that'd be the final 9. Adam also said that Cassi apologized to him for thinking it was him who voted for Keith.

Shelly: "Well that's good."

Adam also mentioned how he thought it was very coincidental that Bren/Rach were picked to play for the veto, especially because they picked J/J's name last week.

11:31am BBT:
BB: "Jordan, please go to the Diary Room." (**Oooo please tell me it's Veto time!!"

11:45am BBT:
Storage Room

Rachel told Brendon that Dani told her to throw the POV to Dom today. Brendon said no. Rachel said that they can't keep winning everything because it's gonna put a bigger target on them. Brendon said they already have a big target on them and they have to win every comp and never throw any of them. Rachel agreed.

Rachel wants Cassi gone because she's gunning for them (B/R) and Dominic isn't.
Rachel also said she thinks that Jeff & Jordan are making deals with people in the house that don't include Brendon/Rachel..or maybe they're just making 1 week deals but then that's it.

Brendon said they need Jeff & Jordan and won't turn on them until way down the line. Brendon then told Rachel to not ever let J/J know that she (Rach) was even thinking about turning on them because they need them on their side. Rachel said she won't.

They both agree that if they win POV today, then they're gonna try to talk J/J into being okay with them changing the noms and getting Cassi out.

12:03pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani is, again, trying to get Brendon/Rachel to save Dom. She wants them to throw the POV to Dom and then make a deal with him.

(They're stealth whispering again..only picking up bits & pieces.)

Dani brings up the whole 'winning the veto will put a huge target on your back' thing again with Brenchel.

Dani wants Brendon/Rachel and Dom/Dani to work together by having them win POV and make a deal with Dom.

11:27am BBT:
Current look at the feeds:

HG's are waiting for the veto comp to start. (**Come on BB, let's do this thing already!!)

12:40pm BBT:
Most HG's are in the kitchen area talking (non-game). Brendon just called into the Diary Room.

1:09pm BBT:
Jeff was just called into the Diary Room. All other HG's are roaming around the house, anxiously awaiting the veto comp to start.

Rachel is giving Brendon a full body massage in the Candy Bedroom...I will spare y'all the pictures. lol :P

1:28pm BBT:
Still no POV Comp.
Brendon/Rachel/Dani/Porsche (sleeping) are in the Candy Room. B/R/D keep making ridiculously annoying loud voices and talking in them (imagine a British accent and an Indian accent combined, and amplified.)

Jeff & Jordan are in the HOH room.

Jordan & Jeff are talking about a picture she has of her as a kid in the HOH room.

Jeff: "You were a little chunk-o!"
Jordan: "I told you I was fat! Didn't you believe me?"
Jeff: "Seeing is believing!" (*lol)
Jordan: "When I was younger, I liked to eat. I still like to eat!"

Stay tuned...
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