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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morning in the BB House + POV Comp Players

Happy Saturday to all you BB addicts there! :D Today is the POV Comp, and the HG's already had their wake up call & are up getting ready for the day! :D

If you're already up and watching the feeds this morning, then you probably caught this:

Evel Dick's picture is gone from the memory wall.
But then an hour later...

Dick's pic is now back.

Dani said "they" said that Dom hit the pic with a ball and that's why it's going in & out.

8:36am BBT:
HOH Room
Currently on the live feeds...

Kalia is, again, talking a million miles a minute. (**Mind is getting numb already from her talking. lol)

Dani is frustrated with Lawon, Kalia said it seems that he's still trying to find his place in the house.

8:57am BBT:
Lounge Room

P/B/R are talking about todays veto comp. Porsche said that Rachel is Dani's biggest physical threat. (**Hard to hear, they're whisper talking.) Porsche said that Shelly's playing "both sides".

Rachel is scared that if Brendon leaves, that Jeff won't protect her the same way that Brendon does.

BB: "Daniele, please go to the Diary Room."

**Time to pick the POV Comp players soon!! :D

9:16am BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Kalia is going on & on about how her dog used to sleep on her bed, but then it started peeing on it, now it doesn't.

Kalia: "I always wanted a dog that would sleep on the bed with me."

She then talks about how when she (K) brings out her suitcase, her dog gets mad because it knows that she's leaving.

9:22am BBT:
Kalia still talking Jordo's ear off.

9:23am BBT:
Feeds switch to trivia! Time to pick the POV Comp players! :D

Feeds are back!!

POV Players are:

Lawon is the Host

Dani is up on the HOH Room, alone.
Jeff/Jordan are taking a nap in the Candy Bedroom.

BB: "Jeff, please go to the Diary Room." (So much for that nap! lol)

Adam/Shelly/Bren/Rach/Porsche are in the kitchen talking.

9:50am BBT:
Lounge Room

Porsche said she's calling the "newbies" the "misfits". Porsche said that Dani is playing emotional because she should've let Kalia win HOH, but she wanted vengeance for Dom. Adam agreed that Dani would've been safe this week, and next week (if she won HOH).

In the kitchen, Jeff/Shelly/Rach/Bren are speculating on what kind of POV Comp it could be.

Brendon/Shelly are alone talking now.
Shelly said that Kalia gave her a big speech on how hard it is to "be a black woman in this house".

Brendon: "In here??"
Shelly: "I have black friends..they'd never say that."
Brendon: "I don't like when people throw around the race card."

Jeff joins for a second.
Jeff: "I hate that."

Jeff heads back into bed with Jordan for a nap.

Shelly: "If you go, who am I gonna have my morning coffee with?"
Brendon: "You can have coffee with Kalia and talk."
Shelly: (laughing) "Don't say that!"
Brendon: "Sorry. You'll have Lawon." (*lol)
Shelly laughs.

The HG's are trying to figure out why the microwave won't work..

Adam: "We're having issues, Big Brother!"

On cams 1 @ 2:
Bren/Rach/Adam/Porshe are having idle chatter.

On Cams 3 & 4:
Jeff/Jordo are napping.

10:28am BBT:
*Dani is up and heading downstairs to the Diary Room.

10:30am BBT:
*Still random chit chat in the kitchen between Por/Adam/Shel/Rach/Bren.
*Adam just did a lil dance. lol

Rachel goes up to the HOH room (while Dani isn't in there) to get the disinfectant spray. (**Why do I feel like this might be the topic of an argument later on. lol)

Rachel can't find it but didn't look under the sink in the HOH bathroom because she didn't wanna get in trouble by Dani when she gets out of the Diary Room.

Shelly: "I'm not scared..I'll go."
Shelly goes up to find it.

10:35am BBT:
Shelly looked & couldn't find the disinfectant spray.

10:39am BBT:
*Talk is about how Evel Dick's pic was blacked out this morning, but then it came back on. They discuss if that was intentional, or a power problem.

Shelly is looking at the surf boards on the wall:

11:00am BBT:
Lounge Room

Brendon and Rachel are talking crap about Dani, how they should've went on Survivor because at least they stick with their alliances, Rachel doesn't know why they're being portrayed as the villains of BB13, etc etc.

11:15am BBT:
Feeds 1 & 2: Shelly cleaning the kitchen.
Feeds 3 & 4: Rachel giving Brendon a back massage in lounge room.
*All other HG's appear to be taking naps.

11:22am BBT:
*Dani is out of the Diary Room. Dani said it was so hot in the D.R. that she was sweating. She asked Shelly why she's not napping & teases that she never sleeps.
*Jeff gets called to the Diary Room for the 3rd time today. Shelly/Dani think something's up.

Dani: "I've never heard anyone get called into the Diary Room so much before."
Jeff goes into the kitchen to get water real quick.

Shelly: "You're their favorite man today!"
Dani: "Sketchy!"

Jeff goes into the Diary Room.
Dani goes up to the HOH room to get something to drink from her HOH basket.

11:48am BBT:
*Rachel just got done showering. Brendon said he'll shower "After I win the POV!"
*Bren/Shelly talk in the kitchen, then he gets called to the Diary Room.

12:20pm BBT:
*Rach/Adam/Brendon/Shelly/Jeff are in the kitchen talking on feeds 1 & 2.
*Feeds 3 & 4 are on Lawon sleeping.
*All other HG's are off camera.

Most HG's are up now, moving around, getting ready for the POV Comp.

12:38pm BBT:
*Kitchen chatter: Jeff said that he's friends with Russel from his season and that when they were in jury together, they hung out a lot.

12:41pm BBT:
Feeds go to trivia!! It's tiiiiiiime! :D

Stay tuned...
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