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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

After a slow start to the morning, Jeff/Jordan/Adam joined Shelly/Rachel/Brendon as the only houseguests awake.

Let's see what their up to!

Currently on the live feeds...

12:19pm BBT:

The inside lockdown is over.
Jeff/Rachel think the HOH comp is gonna be a 'majority rules' comp or a 'knock-out' comp.

Rachel said that they (J/J/R/B) have to win "Back to back" comps.
Jeff said they should all meet up in the HOH room today and figure out the order they want the newbies if it's a 'knock-out' comp.

Rachel: "..and we'll go over things that's inside the house."

Rachel said that either of them (J/J/B/R) "have to" win HOH this week.

12:25pm BBT:
Jeff/Rachel go up to the HOH room. Jordan is already up there.

Rachel said she's really good at endurance comps and quizzes. Rachel said she won quiz HOH comps last year.

They think that if it's a knock-out, it'll show where peoples loyalties are in the house.

Jordan said that one of them has to win HOH this week because, for example, if Kalia wins HOH, then Lawon's safe..and if they put up Dom/Adam, and Dom (or Adam) wins POV, then the only choice for renoms are J/J or B/R (since Dani, Shelly, Porsche have golden keys).

12:37pm BBT:
Rachel: "Could it be a "How many houseguests admitted to plastic surgery?" type of questions?" (*Bingo!)

Rachel said that Jeff & Brendon shouldn't try to win HOH this week because they need them in the endurance comp next week.

Rachel said they're playing as if they're playing fast-forward because of the lack of people that can play/be nom'ed.

Rachel leaves.

Jeff: "Are you poopin'?
Jordan: "Yea."
Jeff: "I'm SO not giving them HOH. Even if it is majority rules."

Jeff: "I'm gonan tell Kalia to not throw the HOH, too. I'm not giving them (B/R) the HOH."

Stay tuned...
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