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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House + POV Comp Results

Good afternoon to all you lil BB addicts out there! At 12:41pm BBT, the live feeds finally went to trivia, which means...the POV Comp is underway!!! :D w00t w00t!!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below & continue with the afternon post.

Winner of the POV is:


3:11pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

3:12pm BBT:
HOH Room
Shelly: "So what are we doing?"
Dani: "She's gonna take her off."

Shelly said that Brendon said this morning that he wants to stay, despite Dani saying that Brendon has been saying "since Day 1" that he wants to go home and go back to school.

Shelly leaves.

Dani: (to Kalia) "I don't want Brendon to stay in this game."
Dani said that she saw Shelly cheer for Brendon during the POV Comp.

Dani said that Brendon wins POV's and that's just another big reason of why he has to go. She thinks he'll take Rachel off of the block.

Dani said she will NOT put up Jeff as a renom.
Kalia said that she thinks that Shelly is with Bren/Rach.

Dani: "It's either gonna be Shelly or Jordan (as the re-nom). I gotta figure it out."

Kalia is pushing for Shelly.
Dani: "If I put Shelly up, I'm making an enemy. I'm just gonna talk to Jeff & Jordan and see what's up, and I'm gonna talk to Lawon and threaten his life (in this game)."

Kalia & Dani leave HOH and head downstairs.

3:22pm BBT:
Purple Lounge Room

Jeff is taking the loss of the veto pretty hard.

Jeff: "I shoulda won. I made a small mistake. I shoulda won."

Jordan said that Jeff fell. Jeff said he hurt his hand on a rake.

3:26pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel and Brendon give each other a hug, and then start whisper-talking about game.
Brendon said he's gonna use the veto on Rachel.

Rachel said "Jeff is not our friend." (*No clue what that's about.)

Rachel: "I'm so proud of you!"
Brendon: "I'm proud of YOU!"

They leave the Have Not's room.

3:33pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jeff is still beating himself up for losing the comp. Jordan's telling him to stop being so hard on himself.

Jeff said that he forgets sometimes that Porsche is even in the house, on Big Brother. (*lol)

Most HG's are in the kitchen, making something to eat, or eating.

Brendon/Rachel are in the bathroom..talking openly.

Brendon said that Jeff was really close to winning & that he's a good competitor.

3:48pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Jeff/Jordan/Rachel (Brendon joins later.)

Rachel wants to pitch the Final 5 again to Dani, and get her to put up Lawon or Kalia.
Rachel gets a plate of food & then re-joins, then Brendon & Porsche join the lounge room crew as well.

All of them talking about the POV Comp. There were gumballs involved.
Jordan said she's not eating slop anymore because it gives her "the runs" and gas. She's sticking with just muscle milk instead.

Rachel/Jordan/Brendon talk about who could be the renom.

Jordan is convinced that "one of them" is going home. (Jeff or Jordan)

Brendon said that he's gonna use the POV on himself (but I'm not sure if he's lying or not, I think they're not telling Jordan what their real plans are.)

4:09pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Bren/Rach are talking about the pov comp. They said it was a puzzle comp. They hope for some "magic" that will keep them both in the game.

Brendon said that he's taking Rachel off the block.

Rachel is crying, but she calls them "happy tears".

BB: "Brendon, please go to the Diary Room."

Rachel said she'll wait in the Have Not's for him.

Feeds 1 & 2: Porsche/Kalia talking about POV Comp in Candy Bedroom.
Feeds 3 & 4: Jeff alone in the kitchen, cooking.

4:39pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Talk is about the POV Comp. Jordan said she's sleepy and wishes she could sleep in the lounge room because it's so comfy. Kalia agrees.

On feeds 3 & 4, Jeff is still cooking his chicken dinner.

5:00pm BBT:
*Adam/Porsche in lounge room.
*Jeff/Kalia in kitchen area.

Porsche left the lounge room. (She's off-camera.)
Adam is anxiously awaiting the lockdown to be over so he can smoke.

5:03pm BBT:
*Jeff crawls into bed with Jordo for a nap in the Candy Bedroom.
*Kalia is also in the Candy Bedroom taking a nap.

5:06pm BBT:
*Jeff is done napping. lol He said he can't sleep, so he gets up & leaves.

5:08pm BBT:
*Kalai/Jordan whisper-talk.

Kalia told Jordan that Dani isn't thinking about putting Jeff or Jordan up, so not to worry. Kalia said she'd vote to keep her (Jordo) if she goes up on the block.

Jordan said she has to go poo, she has diarrhea. (*Oh boy. lol)

5:20pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel said she doesn't "wanna make a deal with the devil", but it'd benefit all of them to make a deal. She said that if Dani doesn't take the deal, then it's purely because of Dani's ego.

Back in the Candy Bedroom...

5:25pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Kalia said that Brendon said he's gonna take himself off the block. (This convo is very, very hard to hear due to mic rubbing on blankets and stealth whispering.)

Kalia leaves.

Jeff & Jordo whisper-talk.

In mid-convo, Jordan's tummy makes a LOUD gross noise.
Jeff looks at her stomach..

Jeff: "Dude, take some tums!" (*LOL!)

Jordan said that she'd wanna go up as a renom before Jeff, she wants him to stay off the block.

Jeff said he doesn't know why Bren/Rach are so confident because one of them is going home.

5:49pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, the lockdown is over."

Jeff/Jordan: "Yayy!"

Adam is quickly getting on his elf costume so he can finally go have a smoke.
Bren/Rachel make their way out, too.

Candy Bedroom

Rachel said she's gonna try to make a deal with Dani to put up Lawon or Kalia, and Bren/Rach won't put her up next week if they win HOH. Porsche doesn't think it's gonna work.

Rachel thinks that maybe Jeff/Jordan will make a deal with her on their own. Porsche said if Rachel makes a deal, then she (Por) is gonna have to go up and make a deal, too.

Rachel: "I'm gonna say 'Let's work together, we're both good competitors..."

Porsche said that if Rachel stays on the block, Shelly's not gonna vote for her to stay, she'll vote for Brendon to stay.

Rachel: "I know."

Rachel: "I'm hoping she'll put Kalia up."
Porsche: "That's not gonna happen!"

Rachel is telling Porsche that Brendon is staying here. (**Bren said he's pulling Rach off, though. They seem to be telling everyone a lie.)

Brendon comes in.

Porshe: "Am I a target? I think everybody knows I would have pulled (Rach) off the block."

Porsche thinks it'll be either herself (P), Jeff or Jordan going up as a nom.

They all leave the bedroom.

6:08pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Talk is about the ants on the backyard patio. Shelly said that she poured bleach down an ant hill and it worked good, so she'll do it again tomorrow.

Loud music can be heard on the CBS lot.
Jeff & Jordan look at each and smile.

6:08pm BBT:
Brendon/Porsche join the BY patio crew.

**If you're wondering where Dani's been all day...

..she's getting in some sleep up in the HOH room, surely enjoying the peace & quiet (especially since Kalia isn't around talking her ear off. lol)

6:12pm BBT:

They're stealth-whispering again. (**Come on, TALK!!!)

A look at the feeds:

Cams 1 & 2: Porsche/Lawon/Brendon/Rachel are talking about what they'd be doing on a typical Saturday night outside the BB house.

Cams 3 & 4: Dani sleeping in the HOH room.

**And I'm outty for the night!! Meet me back here tomorrow morning for The Overnighter!! :D Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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