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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, everyone!! :D I had to skip the Morning post due to me working this morning, but from the looks of it, we didn't miss much.

*Dani/Adam talked. Dani said she's gonna try to get Lawon out, otherwise Adam/Dom might go up.

*Shelly gave Cassi the green light to campaign.
*HG's are on inside lockdown.

And that's pretty much the morning happenings in the BB13 house! Okay, let's dive into the Afternoon post! :)

Currently on the live feeds...

12:08pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

I came in mid-scolding, and Brendon was whispering so low that it was impossible to hear what he was scolding her about.

He asked for a kiss at the end and she said no & he left pissed off.

Brendon leaves.
Dani enters.
Rachel tells Dani what Brendon said.

Rachel asked Brendon to make her slop this morning for breakfast and said "You love me, don't you?" and this is what set Brendon off. He said it makes her look insecure, and people are annoyed with how affectionate they are and she's gotta stop.

Brendon comes back in..

Brendon: (to Dani)"I can't talk to her anymore. She gets pissed at me."

Rachel gets off the bed and they start whisper-fighting. Rachel says he's way too upset over something so stupid.

They leave and go to the hammock.

Rachel tells Brendon that she's "done" with him controlling her and he will not control her in her life or in their marriage.

They move the fight inside.

Lounge Room

Brendon keeps telling Rachel to "shhh!", even though he's talking louder than her. He tells her to never call him an a**hole again because he'd never call her a b*tch. He said he'll quit the game..

Rachel: "Go ahead, go!"
Brendon: "I love you!"
Rachel: "Are you sure? Because you sure aren't acting like it!"

12:49pm BBT:
Rachel: "Don't shhhh me! You know how annoying that is??!"

12:51pm BBT:
Rachel: "We are the biggest target in the house! People are scared of us!"

Rachel: "You are SO emotionally messed up! You're so hot and cold that it's starting to concern me.."

12:56pm BBT:
Brendon: "Not sure if I should play this game, or just..compete and be done with my social game."
Rachel: "Yea, that's exactly what I'm saying.." (being sarcastic)

Rachel: "If you wanna marry someone that's not me, than be my guest!"
Brendon: "No..that's not..*sigh*"

1:01pm BBT:
Rachel: "I'm sorry that I call you my fiance and that I call you call me bookie in front of your friends, on your facebook and twitter..if people think it's annoying then it's whatever! Who cares! Who cares!! It's way more annoying when couples fight!"

B/R are talking about how they know that J/J will "stab them in the back". Rachel also thinks that Dani will stab them in the back as well, but Brendon disagreed.

1:18pm BBT:
Guess they made up because now they're cuddling and talking game. (**Lame.)

On feeds 3 & 4...

Porsche/Adam/Dom are talking about food and resturants.
Lawon just went outside in the backyard.

Adam is talking about a trip he took Vegas and everything he saw/did. He said "Circus Circus" was a "f**king nightmare".

(**Anyone here on the blog ever been to Vegas & know why he'd say that? What makes Circus Circus a "nightmare"? lol)

A look at the feeds:

Lawon/Jordan/Dani/Kalia are outsidide in the backyard. Lawon is telling the girls how he used to have to go outside and get a switch (branch from a tree) and he'd get his butt whooped with it. He said his grandma did it to him, too.

Dani: "What's a switch?"
The HG's fill her in.

Jordan said her dad used to spank her with a belt too and that he'd hit her harder if she "puckered up" her butt cheeks.

Shelly is outside now & joins in on the spanking convo.

She said she was spanked as a kid, but never did that to her daughter.

Shelly: "I've hit on the butt like a 'hey, watch it!' kind of thing, but never spanked."
Dani: "It's so funny when I see a kid in a really thick diaper get spanked, they're not gonna feel that.."

Rachel/Porsche/Brendon/Dom/Adam are in the kitchen talking about a wide range of topics, including red heads.

Dom said he never met a natural redhead that he thought was attractive.

2:06pm BBT:
Dani/Jordan are in the kitchen now. All HG's are "practicing" for the upcoming mental comp. They think it'll be a "What would (enter HG name here) say about (enter topic here)? Is it A, B, C..", etc.

2:09pm BBT:


Kalia said there's no need to win HOH right now because it just puts a target on them, and they don't have one right now, so why make one for themselves.

2:14pm BBT:

Rachel: "I wish I was as tan as you guys! Well, not you guys.." (*

2:16pm BBT:

All 4 feeds are on HG's going in/out of the kitchen and backyard.

2:38pm BBT:
Shelly is, again, talking about how she's sad that Cassi is going home because her and Cassi became such good friends.

Adam: "Things that make you good person, might not make you a good player."
Shelly: "Exactly!"

2:52pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Adam: "Big Brother fans are SICK!" (**He means that in a good way.)
Jeff: "This is my 2nd time here..I've never been offered to have my lawn mowed, I've never got a free meal.."
Adam: "That's because you're not exploiting it."
Jeff: "I'll take a free meal!!"

2:59pm BBT:
Jeff said that right after BB was over last season, he was recognized a lot but then that went away "real quick". He also said it's weird when you go back to your life and you find out what you've missed for 3 months: songs, movies, news, you haven't talk to your friends or family.

Stay tuned...
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