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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon BB fans!! When I left the feeds a little bit ago, the HG's were busy planning a trial tonight for the house turtle, Franklin, who went missing yesterday. Last I heard, they had planned the mock trial for tonight at 9pm, just in time for you Showtime viewers to watch. Should be funny to watch! :)

Okay, let's see what's going on in the BB house!

At 1:30pm BBT, BB put the HG's on an outside lockdown.

Currently on the live feeds...

**Doesn't seem like we've missed anything the past hour or so. Looks like the HG's have been enjoying the sun and pool, and some idle conversation.

Jeff just weighed himself..182 lbs. Dani comes in to test it.

She thinks it's pretty accurate, but maybe off by 1 pound or maybe the HG's just all lost weight since being inside the BB house.

Adam puts a 15 lb weight on it & it's accurate. Rachel steps on it..a solid 126 lbs. Adam gets on the scale and says he's lost weight.

Adam: "..and without even trying. Sorry, America! I know you probably hate me now.."

Jordan & Rachel are talking in the kitchen.
They're counting down the days till the live show..only 2 more to go! Rachel said she likes hearing the crowd on eviction night. Jordan said last season it was so loud.

Rachel: "Yea, that's because you won!"

Jordan said she didn't think she'd win her season. She said she thought she had a better chance against Natalie than with Kevin.

Jordan: "I just went with my gut instinct (to take Natalie)."

Jordan heads back outside.

Keith & Rachel have a quick chat in the kitchen.

Keith asked Rachel about votes and if he has a chance at all. Rachel was very netural with him, not telling him much of anything. She tells him to hang in there.

Keith: "Thanks Rach!"
Rachel: "You're welcome, Keith!"

Shelly comes in the kitchen and looks in the fridge.

Meanwhie, outside..

..and now for some hot pics of Jeff!! Hmm...which one should be my new desktop background? ;) lol

*sigh* :)

3:11pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel insinuated that Dani might think that she could sway to the other side because she doesn't have a partner and she's in an alliance with Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel.

Dani: "I already told you, I'm in this 100%!"

Brendon immediately started to yell at Rachel and say that Dani wouldn't think of doing that.

Jeff joins them in the HOH room.

Rachel told Brendon to bring his voice down a notch. He does..for a couple of minutes, but then starts yelling at her again.

Rachel said that she likes Porsche and she's not gonna stop hanging out with her.

Dani: "We're not saying to not hang out with her, just don't be like Cassi and Dom."

Jeff (jokingly) told Rachel to stay away from Porsche when they're both drinking.

Jeff is farting in the HOH room. lol

Jeff: "Something gave me gas.."

Jordan comes in.

(Planted) evidence of Franklin the Turtle have been found & Rachel called up her attorney, Dominic, to inspect things.

Porsche comes up & Brendon tells her to campaign. (Brendon had mentioned with Dani/Rachel that he doesn't like the fact that Porsche is going around acting like she's safe. He wants her to worry.)

Brendon tells her to start to campaign to stay.

Porsche doesn't know what to say to campagain and asked Brendon for advice. Brendon said to tell people what she thinks will sway their vote..what she thinks they'd want from her...but not to be specific.

Brendon: "Tell'em what they wanna hear. Campaign."

**The Dream Crushers Alliance is still on the same page to get Keith out this week. In the event of a tie, Rachel (as HOH) will break it & she'll vote to evict Keith.

As of 3:46pm BBT, Porsche and Brendon are still talking.

3:50pm BBT:
Downstairs, Rachel and Cassi are planting fingerprints in the Steel & Wood bedroom for tonights Franklin the Turtle trial.

4:20pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon is telling Rachel, again, to not play with her emotions. He said he wishes she would have seen their season of BB so that she could've seen the things that Britney said about her (regarding drinking, being obnoxious, etc) so that she could be better this time around at playing the game.

He said that their social game needs to be better and that she needs to separate personal feelings from game play, otherwise she could wind up in the house alone and Dani will get fed up with her and she (Rach) will be the next out behind him.

4:32pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Per Brendon's suggestion, Porsche is campaigning to Kalia.

Kalia said that her vote is based on what will help her individually in the game. Kalia also said that she feels low on the totem pole with the newbies side of the house.

Porsche told Kalia that keeping Keith in the house will hurt her & the newbies' game because Keith is such a strong player.

Kalia asked Porsche what kind of game she's playing and Porsche said she wants her own tv show when she gets out, like Rachel Ray. (*lol)

Minutes after their convo ends, Kalia went up to the HOH room and told Brendon/Rachel/Dani that Cassi, Dom, Lawon, and Adam all want to keep Keith.

6:14pm BBT:
Kalia/Brendon/Rachel/Jordan/Dani are all in the HOH room and have been for over an hour now. Shelly joined them as well. Talk is all non-game.

Downstairs, Jeff and Dom were talking in the kitchen about Jeff/Jordan's season and how if Jordo would've picked Kevin to go to the Final 2, she would've lost for sure.

6:46pm BBT:
Jeff just yelled at Kalia in the HOH room. They had a disagreement over the Harry Potter books. Jeff doesn't think it's right that the headmaster wizard in the books is gay and "locked away with kids at a fantasy camp". Kalia said her little sister is gay.

Jeff: "He's in a school with little kids! You don't wanna make that guy gay!"
Kalia: "WHAT?!"
Jeff: "I don't think it's right to have the headmaster in a fantasy land to be gay."

Kalia calls him out on why he thinks its wrong to have the headmaster wizard be gay.

Jeff: "DON'T GIVE ME THAT SHIT!! Don't give me the PC answer for f**kin' tv!"
Kalia: "My little sister is gay!"

Jeff: "I DON'T GIVE A F**K if your sister is gay! Think about what it is!"
Kalia: "I don't understand!"
Jeff: "You don't understand? You're right, you're right, you're right. I don't wanna talk about it then."

There's an awkward moment of silence, as a stunned Kalia looks around. The topic quickly turns to something else.

7:41pm BBT:
HOH Room

All 3 of them are talking about the endurance comps. Jordan said she threw up her macaroni dinner during one of her endurance comps. Jeff was talking about the different type of endurance comps..he said hanging comps are geared towards girls, while slamming-into-stuff comps are geared towards guys.

They've been on lockdown since this afternoon and talks of a possible endurance comp for Thursday's HOH. Dani (when downstairs with Dominic/Cassi/Lawon a little bit ago) said "There's no way" that BB would lock them down for 2 1/2 days without warning them first. She said for endurance comps (or long inside lockdowns in general), BB would've told them to get their stuff from outside and for the smokers to get in their last smoke, etc.

7:43pm BBT:
Current topic in the HOH room...

Rachel said she goes into the bathroom to fart. She doesn't fart in front of Brendon.

Jordan: "How can you not? It's so funny!"
Jeff: "I'd get stomach aches!"

Brendon joins the crew in the HOH.

Brendon brings up the gay wizard in the Harry Potter books.

Jeff: "Now I'm gonna look like a f**king asshole. AGAIN! Now I look like a bozo, allll over again!"
Rachel: "She was arguing for no reason. You don't look like a bozo, Jeff. America loves you!"

Jeff: "Yea they love when I throw out slurs."

Talk turns back to how long they've been on inside lockdown now. They say it's been about 5 hours now. Speculation on whether or not it's an endurance comp begins..again.

Brendon: "That's a loooong time to be locked down. I don't think that's what's happening. I think they'd give us a heads up if they'd lock us in for 2 days."

BB: "You're not allowed to talk about production!"
Jeff: "Is that for us?"
Brendon: "I don't know.."
BB: "Rachel! You are not allowed to talk about production!"
Rachel: "ME??!" (laughs)

**Okay, that's it for tonight! If you wanna see anything that I posted today, just use the Flashback Feeds. All the pics have times on them so that it's easy for you to find specific convos. BB After Dark comes on at 12am EST on Showtime 2. I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the feeds! (Don't have the feeds? Why not? They're free for 3 check'em out and see what you're missing!)

Stay tuned...
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