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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans! Happy Sunday to y'all!! :D Yesterday on the live feeds, we learned that Brendon won the POV. Will Brendon/Rachel keep the noms the same? And if so, who will be the target: Adam or Dom?

The live feeds were pretty calm early evening but then game talk started right back up & there's been some interesting new developments! As of 7:40pm BBT last night, Brendon stated that he wants Dom gone this week, but to act like they're sending Adam home this week. Is that still the plan? Well, let's find out!!

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7:11pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan: "Y'all aren't using the veto, right?"
Rachel: "I don't thinks so.."
Jordan: "Okay, well here's my decision..I want it to be Dominic (going home this week)."

Jordan tells Rachel how she went into the Have Not's room and caught Dani/Dom talking, and that she thinks they're pulling Kalia over to them to build an alliance.

Shelly: "Dominic told me last night & said he wanted to talk to me about something. He said I'm the only person he trusts in here & that he thinks me and him need to pair up with Dani and "go after these guys" (the vets).
Rachel: "Go after us guys?"
Shelly: "Yea. And so I got the information of who all they're putting together (to build an alliance)..."

Shelly goes on to tell Rachel & Jordan that is 100% NOT gunning for them, ever. She thinks they're strong competitors but that she's not gonna put them up. (Them=J/J/B/R)

Shelly is concerned about Kalia/Lawon/Dom/Dani building an alliance and that Dom told him that he specifically has Dani & that he was gonna try to get Jeff/Jordan up as replacement noms if he were to come off the block.

Brendon enters & they fill him on what they've been talking about.

Brendon said that if they plan to get Dom out, that they can't let him know or think he's going home.
Rachel: "We have to act like Adam's going home."

Shelly leaves a few minutes later so that people downstairs don't notice that she's up there talking to all of them at the same time.

Jordan: "They're plotting against us!"

Jordan brings up the fact that it'd be better to get rid of Dom this week before the endurance comp on Thursday because he has a better chance to win it over Adam.

Jordan: "If you knock Dom out this week, then Dani will be by herself again and she might pull Kalia over.."
Brendon: "Let her pull Kalia over. Anybody who wants to pick up Kalia as their running mate, I'm okay with that."

Brendon: "Let them think that what they're doing is working! Once they know what's going on, things are going to get crazy..they're gonna scramble for votes..."

Jordan: "If you keep Dom, you're just making (their alliance) stronger!"
Brendon assures her that they're gonna gun for Dom this week because they (B/R) agree.

Brendon: "I'm not gonna trust Danielle at this point. She's a manipulator. She has to EARN that spot in Final 2!"

7:28pm BBT:
Talk turns to about getting Dani out after Dom & how Dani told Rachel to "let" Dom win the Veto and Rachel said no because B/R wanted to win it so that they had control this week over who goes home.

Brendon: "We can't out her (for being in an alliance with Dom). We gotta pretend we don't know."

Brendon: "The key thing is to NOT let Danielle suspect anything. We're gonna have to convince her that Dani is fine and nothing to worry about. I gotta think of something to tell her and make her feel like Dom is staying and then flip the vote on Thursday."

They say that they have the votes this week..Jeff/Jordan/Brendon/Shelly and Rachel would be the tie breaker.

Rachel: (to Jordan) "Don't tell Kalia anything, just tell her we'll tell her how to vote on Thursday morning."
Jordan: "Should we try to get Danielle out next week?"
Rachel: "If she's coming after us.."
Jordan: "I think she would if she won HOH, I really do!"
Rachel: "She wouldn't put us up, there's no way Jordan. She doesn't have the balls." (**She will once you send Dom home. lol)

Brendon: "She's still riding that middle rail (in the house). If we pretend that it's just Dominic that we don't trust, and not her, she's not gonna come after us."
Rachel: "But she might get Porsche to put us up, though. She said that she wants Porsche to win this week."

Brendon said to make Dani feel okay with them, so she doesn't feel like she has to win HOH this week.

Jordan leaves to go find Jeff.

8:15pm BBT:

Kalia told Jeff that she feels like Dani is making friendships in the house just to benefit her in the game.

10:01pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Dani: "I'm really bothered by now."
Kalia: "By what?"
Dani: "Him." (Jeff)
Kalia: "Oh, by him being weird?"
Dani: "Yea. Especially about the comment Jordan made (to me) this morning (about Rachel saying that production told her someone was pitting Bren/Rach & Jeff/Jordo against each other)."

Kalia said that "they" (J/J) don't trust Rachel/Brendon. Dani tries to think of a way to save Dom from the possibly get a deal made, which Kalia agrees she'd be a part of. Dani said she knows that B/R wanna keep Adam this week.

Kalia: "I trust you 100%, I just hope I'm not a pawn in your game."
Dani: "You're not." (**tee hee.)

Dani: "We have to try to convince Brendon/Rachel to get Jeff out this week."

12:39am BBT:

Jordan: "I just wanted to talk to you now, in case we can't later on."

Jordan tells Jeff how her convo with Shelly (prior to going into the HOH room to tell Rachel). She said that Shelly told her that Dom told Shelly how he's working with Dani and that he told Shelly "you're the only person I trust in this house" and he (Dom) tried to get Shelly over to his & Dani's side.

Jordan: "Dani's trying to orchestrate another alliance with Lawon/Kalia/Dom and now Shelly, while she's in our alliance."

Jordan: "She also said that he (Dom) wanted to talk to Brendon and Rachel about backdooring you!...putting us both up and getting you out."
Jeff: "Mm hmm."
Jordan: "They think that if you're gone, I'll go over to their side."

Jordan then tells Jeff about her convo with Rachel/Shelly up in the HOH room earlier, and that she asked Rachel is they're using the veto and she (Rach) said "I don't think so."

Jordan said that they have the votes to get Dom out, if Shelly votes him out. Jordan tells Jeff that he's Dom's target.

12:44am BBT:
Brendon joins them.

Brendon said to not let Dani think that Dom's going home & that they're gonna give her a "valid reason" on why they're voting Dom out so that hopefully, Dani doesn't try so hard to win HOH this week. (**Good luck with that. lol)

Jeff: "Dani is acting REALLY f'ing fishy."
Brendon: "Of course! Her plan is crumbling right now. She's gonna backtrack and say that she didn't know Dom was making deals with everyone."
Jeff: "We should say he's a better athlete and whatever."

Brendon leaves a few minutes later.
Jeff/Jordan continue to talk.

Jeff & Jordan both said that if they win HOH, they're putting Dani up.

1:52am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Porsche: "How do you feel? I'm pulling for you."
Dom: "I'm trying to just wait until after the veto ceremony."
Porsche: "No, that's too late."
Dom: "You think so?"
Porsche: "Yea, because then it's like, drastic measure. So you need to think of a good game play and start figuring it out."
Dom: "Yea."
Porsche: "I need to you stay because you're my alliance."

Porsche then told Dom that Kalia, and possibly Shelly, were the wonky votes for Keith in Week 1.

Porsche then said she wants to win HOH this week (which she told Rachel a couple of days ago as well).

..and that's it for The Overnighter! As of 9:20am BBT, only Shelly is up. I'll start the morning post once the HG's get up & moving! :)

Stay tuned...
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