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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans!! TGI-Friday!! :D Last night was crazy on the live feeds. We saw Dani win the HOH Endurance Comp, followed by Rachel being nervous that she's gonna be targeted this week. Dani promised Jordan last night that both Jeff/Jordan were safe this week & she told Kalia that she was planning on nominating Rachel/Brendon. Is that still the case? We'll find out today after the Nomination Ceremony happens!

The 5 snowballs that the 1st 5 HG's got pick from contained money ($10,000), 3 Have Not's cards, and 1 Elf Suit.

*Brendon/Lawon/Jordan are Have Not's
*Jeff won the $10,000
*Adam has to wear the Elf Suit for the week

Let me go gather up the Overnighter for y'all. While we wait, check out this interview with Cassi from

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feeds!

12:40am BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's

Dani gets her HOH room!

Dani didn't read her letter from her grandma in front of the HG's, she said she'd read it later in private.

Dani gave Lawon the HOH robe to wear. (He's been saying how much he wants that robe and that he's "rock it" all over the house if he won HOH.)

1:26am BBT:

Rachel & Jeff talk about the possibility of making a deal with Dani so that they (J/J/B/R) are all safe this week.

Jeff: "If she wanted to, I'd do it in a second!"
Rachel: "You would?"
Jeff: "Yea."
Rachel: "Jordan said she wouldn't (cut a deal).."
Jeff: "What? Noooo! She meant she won't cut a deal if it means one of us is going home."

Porsche enters.

She can hear Jeff/Rach talking in the bathroom hallway about maybe going upstairs to the HOH room to talk to Dani, then Rachel enters the bathroom to brush her teeth & tells Porsche that they might make a deal with Dani to stay safe this week.

Porsche: "Go talk to f**king Brendon first! You're not allowed to make these decisions.."
Rachel: (laughs)
Porsche: "I'm serious! I'm dead serious!" (**She really is. lol)

Porsche: "Dude!! They said they're not gonna make any deals (with Dani)! You're f**king it up!"

1:37am BBT:
Lounge Room

Instead of listening to Porsche's advice, Rachel goes and talks game with Jeff/Jordan in the lounge room about making a deal with Dani to keep them all safe this week.

Rachel: "How long should we make the deal for? 1 week? 2 weeks?"
Jeff: "Let her (Dani) decide how long."

Jeff said they're not gonna make a deal if one of them (J/J/B/R) go home this week, because it's pointless. Rachel agreed.

Rachel said that Dani would be stupid to not make a deal with them because she's in the worst spot in the house again after her reign of HOH is over this week.

Jeff: "We can be like, 'Here's your chance to redeem yourself'.."
Jordan: "Don't let her tell you one thing (re: deals), and then us another..please let's just all be honest (with each other)."
Jeff: "I already told Jordan that I'm not selling out! If I'm gonna leave, I'll leave with my integrity." (*And $10k! hehe)

Porsche enters.

Jordan: "How do we know she won't go back on any deals she makes?"
Rachel: "I don't care (if she does)! As long as we'll all be in jury.."

Rachel said she wants to try to get Dani to put up Kalia/Lawon, Jordan doesn't think that's gonna happen.

Porsche: "I'm playing with the Brenchel player that's left after this week. That's why I don't think you should make any deals".

Rachel: "Yea but then one of us go home!"

1:52am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel: "So what are you thinking?"
Dani: "I dunno.."
Rachel: "What if me, Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan kept you work with us, you don't get rid of any of us this week."
Dani: "Because of what happened this week, I have severe trust issues with you guys. Just being honest."

Rachel: "I have trust issues with you too,'s a game..."
Dani: "If any (4 of you) won (HOH), none of you would be talking with me & I'd be on the block. No question." (**Yep.)
Rachel: "This week?"
Dani: "Absolutely. And if I wasn't on the block, I would've been backdoored. No question."
Rachel: " just doesn't make sense for us to not work together. You're gonna roll deep with Kalia and Lawon?? I'm not trying to talk sh*t, but..Danielle.."

Rachel suggests for Dani to put up Lawon & get rid of him because he's a floater & he'll never try to win anything for Dani, so he won't be a help to her.

Dani doesn't seem interested.
Rachel: "But Dani, if you send home one of us (J/J/B/R) home this week, and you're in the Final 2, that's 3 votes against you in Jury, you'll never win!"
Dani: *shrugs her shoulders* "Maybe I'm willing to take that risk. Maybe not. I'm here to play the game! If you guys just wanna play off of emotions, I dunno..I think it's stupid for people to vote based off of who they like. If it's (based) off of making friends, then why are you here? If you (Rach) were in the final 2 and I thought you had better game play then the person sitting next to you, then I'd vote for you."

Talk continues.

Rachel: "I'm very sorry Dominic is gone, even if you send me home this, I'll still be sorry he's gone."
Dani: "I know you mean that."
Rachel: "I don't know what to say. I'm not very good at talking. I can offer you whatever deal to save me and my fiance, and I'm sorry that I keep referring to him as my fiance, but..I cannot come up here and not try to save us. I wanna save my whole alliance. I will give you whatever you need."

Dani: "I kinda just wanna talk to everybody, I don't wanna make a rash decision. I'm not in the best spot after this week, obviously, so.."

Dani said she doesn't regret trying to backdoor Jeff, it would've been a good move it would've worked out & that ya gotta take risks in the game.

Dani: "But I will think about what you said."
Rachel: "Okay. Nominations are tomorrow."
Dani: "I just wanna sleep on everything. I'm gonna hear what everybody has to say, but I'm gonna do whatever I wanna do..not what others want me to do."
Rachel: "If we all make a deal, we're not gonna go back on it. Thanks for talking to me."

Rachel leaves.
Dani: "...god."

Rachel goes into the Lounge Room where Brendon is waiting for her, Porcshe is there too...

Brendon: "What did I tell you not to do?"
Rachel: "What?"
Brendon: "What did I tell you not to do??"
Rachel: "Not to talk to Daniele by myself.."
Brendon: "Yea."
Rachel: "Jeff and Jordan told me to go talk to her."
Brendon: "Really?
Porsche: "What did she say?"
Rachel: "That she'll consider all her options."

Rachel tells Porsche/Brendon about her convo with Dani.

Meanwhile, up in the HOH room, Dani is telling Kalia about her convo with Rachel.

Dani said that Rachel said Shelly's not 'with them' (J/J/B/R) and she did not want Dom to stay. Dani said that she believes that, and is going to ask Shelly if she was lying about being on Doms side.

Speaking of Shelly...

2:40am BBT:
Storage Room

Jordan was talking a mile a minute, in panic mode that Rachel could be trying to make a deal with Dani that would only save Rachel/Brendon. (*Rachel's trying to save all 4 of them, but Jordan's paranoid.)

Jordan asked Shelly if Jeff was on the block, would she vote for Jeff to stay.
Shelly: "Of course!!"
Jordan: "We'd have me, you, Adam..and we'd need 1 more vote (to save Jeff). I'll work on Kalia, because Porsche's gonna vote to keep Rachel."
Shelly: "Yea. Kalia said that she will not play or vote for them (B/R)."

2:48am BBT:
Lounge Room

The 3 of them talk about what they think Dani will do, what they hope she'll do, and that they (B/R/J/J/P/S) have the votes this week.

Brendon: "We need her to get rid of a f**king floater, like Lawon. She won't get rid of Kalia, because she made a "deal" with her. *rolls eyes* Whatever."
Rachel: "She should put Lawon up."
Shelly: "I agree. She should put Lawon up."
Brendon: "Even if we're put up as a pawn against Lawon, we still have the votes to send whoever home."

..and this line pretty much sums it all up:

Shelly: "She doesn't have any votes. All she's gonna try to do is pit you against Jeff, and whoever wins the veto, she's gonna put up the significant other up next to them."
Rachel: "I think that's what her plan is, too."

..and that's it for The Overnighter! :D I'll be starting the morning post shortly!

Stay tuned...
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