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Friday, July 15, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Today is gonna be a crazy busy day on the live feeds!! Food Comp, Nominations, and Dominic has plans to talk to Jeff/Jordan about making a deal (per Dani's suggestion) to make an alliance, but the vets already welcomed Adam back into their alliance last night. Is it too late for Dom to save himself from being nominated and/or evicted this week? Jeff has been wanting Dominic gone for the past week now, so to change his mind (and Jordan's) is going to take a lot of work!

Currently on the live feeds...

Shelly has been up since 8am BBT, and the rest of the HG's were woken up by BB at 8:20am BBT (though most of them went right back to bed. lol)

9:45am BBT:

Brendon & Shelly are talking about the Food Comp. They're both anxious for it to start.

Shelly: "I wonder what it'll be?"

The HG's are on inside lockdown as production builds the Food Comp outside.

It appears that only Lawon/Shelly/Brendon/Dom are up, though Dom looks like he's heading back into the bedroom to fall back asleep.

Brendon & Lawon are talking about how him (Bren) and Shelly were thinking it'd be fair to split up the house for the Food Comp so it's more fair. They agree.

9:54am BBT:
Lawon is laying back down in the Have Not's room.
Kalia just woke up and left the Have Not's room.

10:00am BBT:
*Dani is up, getting ready for the day in the bathroom.
*Adam is moving around the house as well.

10:05am BBT:

Dani asked Brendon how long they've been on inside lock down, Brendon said since early this morning and that the food comp should be around 11:30am BBT-12pm BBT today.

10:16am BBT:
Brendon/Adam/Dom/Kalia/Shelly/Dani are all in the kitchen. Non-game chit chat all around.

Kalia said she liked that BB played "Bye Bye Bye" by INSYNC today for one of their wake up songs.

10:27am BBT:
Lawon, Dom & Jeff joined the kitchen crew. Talk is about past BB seasons.

Upstairs, Jordo is still sleeping.

10:43pm BBT:
All HG's (minus Rachel/Jordan/Cassi) are in the kitchen, having lots of laughs.

11:00am BBT:
Cassi is waking up.
Jeff was just called into Diary Room.

11:04am BBT:
Cassi is laying back down again in the Have Not's room.
Kalia & Lawon are in the Have Not's room now, too.

11:13am BBT:
Have Not's Room
Kalia/Lawon (Cassi is there, sleeping.)

Kalia told Lawon that she has no idea who Jordan will nominate but she thinks it might be Dom because Dom made it clear that if he won HOH, he'd gun after Jeff/Jordan.

11:20am BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan said that to not tell Lawon anything because he lies. Shelly totally agrees.

Shelly mentioned how the newbies haven't even asked her (Shel) if she voted Keith out.

Shelly said that Cassi will NOT put Jeff/Jordan up if she wins HOH and guarantees that. She also said that she (Shelly) will "never" put Jeff/Jordan up, the whole to the end. Talks turns to Porsche and Shelly said that it pisses her off that now that she has the Golden Key, she's not doing anything but sleeping.

Jeff told Shelly that they'll keep her safe, 100%. Shelly said the same with them.

11:45am BBT:
All the HG's must of been told to get ready for the food comp because they're all getting into their comp gear and Shelly & Lawon both did stretches.

Shelly said that she'll go off on Porsche is she says the wrong thing to her today.

Shelly: "You wanna see some drama? You'll see some today."

Brendon pulled Rachel aside and gave her the heads-up that Shelly might blow up at Porsche today and to "stay out of it!", otherwise it's "gonna cause a huge riff between you and me. Okay?"

She said "okay" and then..

TRIVIA on the feeds at 11:55am BBT..time for the Food Comp!! As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll start a new post at the top! (Should be about an hour or so.)
Stay tuned...
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