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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday BB fans!! Yesterday was the Veto Ceremony, where we learned that Rachel did not use the veto and nominations stayed the same. At this point, it still looks as if Keith will be going home, but let's see what happened overnight to see if that's still the case.

(As I'm writing this, there's a huge storm going on in my town, so if power goes out, I'll let y'all know via blogger on my cell phone.) ...Off topic, there's something just so awesome about having a cup of coffee while it's dark and stormy out. :)

Remember, you can watch this and anything else you've missed on the feeds by using the Flashback Feeds. Just plug in the day/time/camera and you're there like you're watching it live!

8:51pm BBT:
Pool Table

Jeff and Jordan are playing a game of pool together, as other HG's are having light chit-chat on the BY patio.

Jeff: "Hit that 4 ball in there. Or that ball.."
Jordan: "Oh!"

Jordan shoots, and misses.
Jeff: "You'll get it next time."

Minutes later...

Jordan: "Look...there's the alliance by the hot tub."
Jeff: "Hmm?"
Jordan: "At the hot tub..that's the alliance."

Jeff looks over and sees Cassi/Dom/Lawon sitting around the hot tub.

Jeff: "Yep."

Around 9:45pm BBT, the HG's got a nice amount of beer.

Dom/Dani/Porsche/Brendon/Rachel/Adam/Keith decided to play a drinking game.

11:33pm BBT:

Porsche told Rachel that Cassi asked her (Por) if she "had the balls" to put up Brendon/Rachel is she won HOH. Porche's response was that it's gonna be a while before she can play HOH, assuming that Keith goes home this week and Porsche gets the golden key.

At 11:43pm BBT, Rachel tells Jordan what Porsche just told her about Cassi.

Rachel tells Jordan that if Jeff/Jordan are in the block, she thinks the newbies would try to get Jeff out before Jordan because he's the bigger threat. Jordan tells Rachel that she thinks she (Rach) would get voted out over Brendon if they were on the block because Rachel's good at all the comps.

11:46pm BBT:

Cassi talks about which duo they should go after first (J/J or B/R).

Cassi: "Brendon and Rachel are bigger bulls; you don't wanna piss'em off too early on."

Cassi says they should gun after Jeff/Jordo and this way, Rachel/Brendon don't have the numbers anymore. Cassi also said that they need to get J/J on the block this week before the newbies don't have the numbers on their side.

11:56pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel told Shelly that someone (..Porsche..) told her that Cassi is trying to get Brendon/Rachel out. Shelly told Rachel that Cassi said she wants to keep Keith this week & that she thinks Cassi is playing the newbies to do her dirty work for her so that there's no blood on her hands (to get Brendon/Rachel or J/J out). They both agree that Cassi is playing both sides of the house.

Rachel said that this upcoming HOH is so important for B/R and J/J, and that she knows that Shelly is with them (the vets) "100%" and they have her back.

Shelly also told Rachel that Lawon *will not* vote out Keith strictly because he gave him his word that he wouldn't.

12:32am BBT:

Backyard/Hot Tub

Cassi is trying to get Adam to vote Porsche out, instead of Keith. Cassi's arguement was that by keeping Keith, you're "holding onto a big target" on the newbie side of the house.

1:13am BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan told Kalia that Cassi/Dom would come after the vets. Jordan said that since Cassi/Dom are gunning after her (and B/R), then she's gonna have to gun after them.

Jordan: "You have to go after the people that are against you."

Kalia mentioned the thought of if her & Lawon on the block, people would probably vote out Lawon over her.

1:44am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Kalia was thinking outloud about a possible plan: she could tell the newbies (if any of them won the upcoming HOH) that she (Kalia) is "done" with the game and wants to go home, so put her & Lawon up, knowing that the votes would be to get rid of Lawon over her...this way her biggest allies (vets) stay in the game.

Kaliah: "This could be amazing if it works. It's the perfect plan."

2:01am BBT:
Backyard Patio

This is an interesting convo & worth the watch on the Flashback Feeds.

Cassi told Jeff that she doesn't wanna be like Britney in season 11...she thinks Brendon/Rachel and Jeff/Jordan would dump her at the Final 5 (if they got that far). Jeff said that the Golden Key is adding a wrench into the game this season. Cassi said she wants her & Shelly to get far in the game, as a duo.

Cassi: "I want me and Shelly to get to the top 10. That's my goal. And I just want a fair shot."
Jeff: "Let's get to the Final 10 and then play for ourselves You can't look that far ahead. You gotta get to the Final 8 before you get to the Final 4. Floaters that play both sides of the house, never get far. And I know ya gotta do, whatcha gotta do. I'd like to pick off the weaker players in the game first."

3:11am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Kalia told Lawon that she thinks they are safe this week and that their plan to "look weak" is working. Kalia also said that she thinks the newbies need to get together (minus Porsche & Keith) and make sure they are all on the same page with votes for this week. She doesn't want their (newbies) votes to be all over the place because then it'll expose cracks in the newbie alliance.

Kalia & Lawon say that the old school has their back, AND the new school has their back too.

Lawon: "The newbies got our back."
Kalia: "And essentially, so does the new school! We have both sides with us, and without making any promises."

..and that's it for The Overnighter! At around 4:30am BBT, all HG's were in bed. I gotta go run some errands before the HG's wake up and start talking game again on the live feeds, so I'll start the Morning/Afternoon post as soon as I get back! :)

Stay tuned...
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