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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Live Feeds Early Bird Special Ends TONIGHT!!!

Okay all you procrastinators (like me lol), if you have not yet snagged up the Early Bird Special (which saves you $10!!), today is the LAST DAY to get'em!! The special ends TONIGHT!!

Speaking of the live feeds, this year they got a total new re-vamp! Check it out!

(This is what you'll see as soon as you login.)

This year, the live feeds are WAY more interactive than they have been in the past! Chat will be better, the quality of the feeds will be better (not High Definition since the BB house cams aren't hi-def cams, but it'll be pretty close!) & the Flashback Feeds will be better (more accurate than previous seasons.)

With the talks of Evel Dick/Dani, Jeff/Jordan, and Brendon/Rachel being back in the house this year, you'll definitley want to get the live feeds!! (Note: You won't see the house feeds until tomorrow night, so don't panic when you can't find them. lol They *will* be up by tomorrow night!)

I've been watching Season 8 episodes lately and I gotta tell ya, it's really gearing me up to seeing Evel Dick/Dani back in the house! They both rocked at all the comps and I can't wait to see if they still got it!

Okay guys & gals, this is it..this is Big Brother 13 Eve! Tomorrow, the wait is ovahhhh!! ;) Only question is, do you have your live feeds yet?

Stay tuned...
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