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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 More Days Until BB13 Begins!!

Happy Tuesday to all of you BB fans!! We only have 2 MORE DAYS until Big Brother 13 begins...

...which means you have *1 More Day* to get the Early Bird Special & save yourself $10 on the Live Feeds!! (And yes, if you get the feeds now, you *will* be covered for the whole season!!)

Rumors of the 3 duos being Dick/Dani, Brendon/Rachel, & Jeff/Jordan are still going around and has been confirmed by "inside sources", but we'll find out if those sources are indeed accurate or not come Thursday night.

In other news...

The blog welcomes back Drew, the Big Brother Cynic, to do yet another season of highly entertaining 'Cynic' articles! Weeks ago, Drew had finished the first article of the season and now it's ready for your viewing pleasure! (Keep in mind, this was done well before rumors of returning duos started.)

An Open Letter to the Cast of “Big Brother 13”
By Drew, the Big Brother Cynic

Awesome article, Drew!! :)

And last but not least...

Speculation of whether or not BB13 will be (or at least start off as) a season of pairs is also going around. This is strictly due to what executive producer Allison Grodner said during her telephone info that I posted a few days ago. Allison said "This will be a season of duos." That could be taken a couple of different ways, so we'll just hang tight & wait for Thursday to hurry up and get here.

Okie dokie, that's it for now! We have a couple more days to go, so go out & enjoy the last free moments of your summer, kiss your family goodbye, tell your friends you'll see them in mid-September, and get ready to get addicted to another season of Big Brother!! :D

Stay tuned...
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