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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The BB13 Houseguests Have Moved In!!

Annnnnnd they're OFF!!! Ladies & gentlemen, Big Brother 13 has officially started!! Yesterday, this pic of the BB13 houseguests entering the house was released:

OMG I can't freakin' wait until Thursday!! :D

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In other news...

Natalie confirmed via Twitter that her & Jessie will *not* be on BB13:

Never thought they would be on the show, considering how many times Jessie has been back on the show, but now we know for sure.

So..Jessie/Natalie & Will/Boogie won't be returning, which makes the rumors of Dick/Dani, Jeff/Jordan, & Brendon/Rachel returning to the BB house seem even that much more believable!

Want more?

Dani is teasing the hell out of us fans via Twitter and tweeting things that sound as if she's back in the house:

Oh Dani, I sure do hope you & your father are back in that place & tear sh*t up again!! :D

Either way you slice it, this season is gonna be INSANE!!! I got my live feeds all ready to go! Do you? ;)

Stay tuned...
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