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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Rumor Mill: Who Are the Dynamic Duos?

The rumor mill is in overdrive!! Word has it that Jeff/Jordan will most likely be one of the duos entering the house, as well as Brendon/Rachel (ughh!), and Evel Dick & Danielle.

BUT, we won't find out for sure until finale night & as of right now, these are just rumors.

During the 1st episode of "Rumor Control" with Dani & Ragan, Dani (when asked about production from a caller) said "I don't talk about production.", but Ragan did. This makes me think that Dani, again, signed that piece of paper that binds her to BB..which includes no talking about production. Hmmmm, interesting!

If it's true that Evel & Dani will be returning back to the BB house, then that would be casting at its best because Evel Dick would verbally rip Brendon & Rachel to shreds and Dani/Rachel would be amazing to watch catfight! To make this scenario even more possible, Allison Grodner stated in her interview (posted here) that this year she's worried if the house will be able to hold all the personalities of the cast & returning BB players:

"After visiting the entire cast, I think this is gonna be an explosive summer! (laughs) There's some huge personalities from both the people coming back and the new people going into this house and I remember thinking 'I hope our house can actually contain all of them!' (laughs) It's rare that I think that on opening night."

--Allison Grodener

And if you had your hopes set on Will/Boogie entering the house, sorry to break your heart but Dr. Will has "retired" from reality shows and stated recently that he will never return to the BB house & wishes the new cast lots of luck.

So could these rumors be true? A house with Brendon/Rachel, Evel Dick/Dani, and Jeff/Jordan plus 8 new houseguests? We'll find out on Thursday! :D

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Stay tuned...
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