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Friday, July 1, 2011

Allison Grodner on Big Brother 13

Allison Grodner did an interview with and she had some VERY interesting things to say!

Now, I know some of you don't have 10 minutes to sit down & hear audio of an interview (especially busy mommies and daddies), so I took some cliffnotes for y'all so you're not missing out on the juicy details of the interview. :)

*The 6 duos on is just a "sample" of duos, it could be anyone (Grodener mentioned "such as Dan and Memphis" & other past duos).

*Diverse cast this season.

*BB13 will feature "dynamic duos from the past" that are "notorious two-somes, a power-couple potentially" that have already been chosen.

*Allison said "I will not deny, nor confirm" that there will 3 duo pairs returning this season & said we will find out on premiere night.

*There's two twists (so far) this season: 1 is dynamic duos, the 2nd one is a "twist to the game".

*Allison said that this year, the game will be played differently from the 1st night.

*When asked if the chosen 'dynamic duos' have been sequestered already, Allison laughed and said "Yes."

*Us viewers will NOT have an impact at all on which duo(s) enter the house, but will be involved later on in the game to have some kind of impact on the season, like every season.

*The house was designed to have the feel of a "beach loft house".

*The Have-Nots room will be back this summer & will be revealed "during the first week of shows".

*The bikes in the house will be "firmly locked" by opening night (*lol)

*Despite rumors, there will *NOT* be a 2nd HOH room. Many speculated that there might be 2 different HOH's because of the 2 different pictures of the new HOH room that came out, but it was just a design-in-progress.

Even though Allison mentioned Dan & Memphis as a past duo, it doesn't appear that they're in sequester since Dan just posted the pic below on Twitter of him & Memphis on Michigan Lake. :P

Lookin' good, fellas!!

More info to come, but for now, enjoy your 4th of July weekend & don't forget, you only have 5 more days to get the Early Bird Special & save yourself $10!! You know you're gonna get'em anyways, especially with past BB players returning, so get'em now & save some money! :D

Stay tuned...
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